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the beauty of the IDGAF feature and  isometric illusions -

have a good sunday!


Scream in the jello

  two days of cries. different ones. screams of pain and joy. tearing sounds, sounding tears. thrusts, ironically erotic, pathetically dramatic.


The Sword of Damocles

Early pioneering tech from 1968 is a stereoscopic headmounted display created by Ivan Sutherland, the first Virtual Reality technology:

Computer graphics pioneer Ivan Sutherland models a stereoscopic display he created at Harvard using miniature TV tubes. An early application showed a three-dimensional wire-frame virtual room that users could explore by moving their heads.

I couldn’t locate a demonstration of the wireframe rooms (but if anyone knows … let me know!)

Images above are from the Computer History Museum here and here

Papers written by Ivan Sutherland from 1965 on the subject can be found here and here

stools - today assembled, on going project to built easily dis-assemblerd stools for campus 


Turning a street in Bristol into a giant water slide : urban bricolage can bring lots of fun!

I like the way participants have a look of pleasure and fear in their eyes. they seem to slide in and out of control with their body and forces of gravity. personally, I found the little adrenalin rush you get at the end, quite addictive.’ Luke Jerram

via myfairyfingers


Folding seat built onto a bike rack!

today - south campus

to a bike now lost


Patatap is an interactive instrument from Jono Brandel and Lullatone that lets you create compositions (animations and melodies together) by tapping your computer keyboard or smart screen. Make beats, designs and more at


simple games are always fun


Yin Xiuzhen, Portable Cities